BV Resorts is a Developer Of Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Bon Vivant Resorts, LLC (BVR) was founded in 2005 by Theodore Gildred and Frank Stork to develop the highest-quality, lifestyle-driven real estate developments, with a focus on five-star hospitality and luxury residential projects. BV Resorts is the hospitality development arm of the Lomas Santa Fe Group, a 50-year-old real estate development company based in San Diego which has developed significant residential, commercial, industrial and retail projects throughout Southern California. The combined development team of BV Resorts and Lomas Santa Fe Group has several decades of development experience in the United States and Mexico. Since its inception in 2005, BV Resorts has developed and/or participated in several hospitality projects in the U.S. and internationally to include: Seramai in Baja California Sur, Mexico, Beran Resort in the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Proper Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Of these projects, Seramai is unique due to its size, remote location and combination of high end hospitality and luxury residential. BV Resorts is a partnership between Theodore Gildred and Frank Stork who together manage and operated the ongoing activities of the company along with a third principal, Jose Fimbres who is based in Mexico. They are supported by the Chief Financial Officer, Kristen Clement, the Director of Development Patrick Canals and the Director of Projects, Marcos Caligaris, as well as various top consultants in the areas of legal, engineering, architecture, tax structure and other areas as necessary. BVR representatives in Mexico include: Jose Antonio Aguilar, the on-site General Manager, Adiaer, the on-site engineer and Jose Luis who manages the on-site operations and security. BVR’s project in the Republic of the Marshall Islands is managed through a joint venture partnership, Indies Trader Beran Resorts, LLC (ITBR). ITBR is operated and managed by Martin Daly, the CEO and Ramsey Reimers the CFO, as well as Romnick Garcia who is the Treasurer and Chief Accountant along with various other operational support and maintenance staff. The Proper Hotel LA is a joint venture development partnership with the Kor Group and designer Kelly Wearstler in Beverly Hills.

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